Privacy Policy

1) When you will register with us, we will ask you to provide us with some personal information: 
a) Your email address will be your registration name. We will use it to send you confirmation of your order and payment and we might use it in order to contact you about your order or your delivery.
b) Your name and full address will be used to identify and locate you at the time of the delivery.
c) Your telephone number or mobile phone number can be used to give you information about your order or your delivery.
2) We will keep record of these information so you don’t need to re-enter them every time you want to place an order on this web site. We will also keep record of your purchases on our website which means that if you want to order the same goods, you can use one of your previous orders and do not have to re-enter each good.
3) The information you have provided to us are confidential and protected. We only keep them to process your orders and deliver your goods and we keep them secure. 
4) You will be able to see and amend the information you have provided to us at any time by visiting the "Mon Compte" link on this web site.
5) You will be able to visit our website without providing any personal information. However if you wish to order on line, you will have to register as mentioned in section 2.
6) In addition to paragraph 2, the password selected by you on registration is personal to you. You are responsible for keeping it secure. You must immediately notify us of any unauthorised use of your email address and/or password.
7) Any change to this policy will be posted here.